vince carter dunk olympics 2000

After the play, none of Carters teammates remarked on what he had just done.
So I had no clue the entire game nobody said anything.
What happened next turned an essentially meaningless opening-round game into the defining moment of the tournament and an iconic play still gushed about by basketball fans around the globe.
25, 2000, Vince Carter's dunk over the 7'2" Frenchman Frédéric Weis provided the most jaw-dropping moment throughout the history of Olympic basketball.Carter knew Weis couldnt let that happen again, not twice in the same tournament.The play is remembered as one of the most amazing dunks in Olympic history.Seven straight times before it actually sunk in that thats what really happened.Carter was elated he made the dunk, but was oblivious to the fact that he just vaulted over another mortal.With 16:06 remaining in the second half of a group play game between the United States and France, Yann Bonato grabbed what seemed to be an innocuous rebound, but would wind up being anything but that.In the Gold Medal Game a rematch of Team USA.Im now looking at the rim, Im not paying attention to him, Carter recalled.KGs reaction immagini di tagli di capelli corti femminili 2018 is because of what hes just witnessed.I was like Yeah, whatever, whatever, whatever.Then his boy shows me the video, thats when I actually knew what happened, Carter said.Its just one of those things; its nothing I ever imagined or set out to do, dunk over a man in general.It was just that the moon and the stars were lined up correctly, said Carter.
Weis did not fall, he did not move out of the way.

Espn what he remembered about the play: I learned people can fly.I thought he either fell down or moved out of the way.So the celebrations were for two totally different reasons.After the game, a friend of Gary Payton one of Carters Olympic teammates marveled at what Carter accomplished, but Carter brushed it off, assuming the guy was just overreacting.My teammates were running back on defense and they the French team were running on offense, but it was a change of possession so they couldnt get back, Carter recently told.Carter stuck the slam, landed and emphatically pumped his fist as teammate Kevin Garnett ran over to celebrate what he just witnessed.A play happened just like that again, and that time I was going to try to do it again, Carter recalled.As Carter took to the air, Weis set his feet and leaned slightly forward, seemingly caught midway between trying to take a charge and putting his body into Carter to deter him from the basket.
I got up and smiled and was like I understand, I understand.
I see him after the steal, I take two dribbles and I.