vinca minor dwarf periwinkle

Pharmaceutical Biology 48 (1 96100.
Color The color name periwinkle is derived from the flower.Lesser periwinkle flowers early in the spring, but it is probably most noticeable in the winter when other plants have withered and its dark green shoots thread their way through the debris.Distribution map kasviatlas, University of Helsinki greater Periwinkle.References Notes ml Khanavi,.; Pourmoslemi,.; Farahanikia,.; Hadjiakhoondi,.; Ostad,.It is at its best as ground cover under medium to large shrubs or in shady spots.Their colour varies from pale blue to deep violet.Caucasus, and also in southwestern, asia in, turkey.Lesser periwinkle is a delicate dwarf shrub but once it has gained a footing it doesnt easily relinquish.The round flowers are most abundant in early summer but occasional new flowers appear through until late autumn.The evergreen leaves are small prezzo televisore samsung 50 pollici and stiff, growing opposite on the erect short stems.Leaves: Opposite, short-stalked, overwintering.Vincamine is the pharmaceutical molecule responsible for Vinca's nootropic activity.
Habitat: Ornamental, quite often an escape from cultivation, gardens, parks, urban woods, broadleaf woods, wasteland, roadsides.

Vinca minor is a trailing, viny subshrub, spreading along the ground and rooting along the stems to form large clonal colonies and occasionally scrambling up to 40 cm high but never twining or climbing.Periwinkle flowers are borne in the leaf axils, where the leaves join the stems.Catharanthus roseus which is a popular perennial in southern countries, and is sometimes grown in Finland offerte volantino mediaworld milano as a house plant.Cultivation and uses Ground scontisubito imperia cover with dense growth Gardens The species is commonly grown as a groundcover in temperate gardens for its evergreen foliage, spring and summer flowers, ease of culture, and dense habit that smothers most weeds.In rich soil and partial shade the lesser periwinkle develops into a thick, multilayered mat which can threaten smaller neighbours.It should be noted that vinca minor "contains more than 50 alkaloids".Molecular Engineering 1 (2 153.
Greater periwinkle, which is cultivated as a house-plant, grows casually in Finland too, close to habitation.

Flower: Corolla regular (actinomorphic funnel-shaped, blueviolet (sometimes white.53 cm (11.2.) wide, fused, 5-lobed, lobes obliquely blunt.