Vinca minor Bowlesii has a vigorous, clump-like growth and produces large, dark blue flowers that are showier than most.
Other well-known deer repellents are mothballs or moth flakes spread on the ground or put in mesh bags for hanging in a tree.
Common periwinkles tolerate full shade, but does not flower as well as when grown in full sun.Deze bloeiperiode is overigens erg ruim, namelijk april, mei, juni, juli, augustus, september en oktober.Myrtle is sometimes confused with maglie estive taglie forti Purple Wintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei 'Colorata, but the latter has serrated margins on opposite leaves that bronze heavily in Winter, with larger and more dense foliage on thicker stems, and the stems usually do not root at the nodes, but rather.Deze maagdenpalm is een kleine struik die vele mooie bloemen bevat in de periode dat deze in bloei staat.De minor en major hebben beide weinig voeding nodig en zijn daarom een geschikte maagdenpalm voor elke type grond en dus voor elk type tuin.Plant 8" apart for quick cover of smaller areas.Use drip systems, rather than overhead sprinklers, because wet leaves can spread the disease.Juist om deze grote bloeitijd wordt de maagdenpalm graag gezien in vele tuinen als tuinplant.Enrich the soil with compost, manure and peat moss to improve drainage before planting.Ook zijn de bloemen maar half zo groot als die van de grote maagdenpalm.
Set the mower blade to its highest setting.

Family: Apocynaceae, native Range: Europe to southern Russia.Avoid planting periwinkle too closely and thin out the plants from time to time.Allow good air circulation between plants, water them carefully and keep the garden clean.Wist u trouwens dat de vinca major een halfheester is?One method of propagation is to divide larger plants in the early spring, which result in young periwinkles with bare roots.Return to Index Copyright The Ohio State University All rights reserved.Water: Dry to medium, maintenance: Medium, suggested Use: Ground Cover, Naturalize.Remove any diseased plants promptly and discard dead plant material.
S ummary Vinca minor is a good evergreen groundcover in partial shade with small Spring blue-purple flowers.
Genus name is from Latin meaning to bind or wind around in reference to the long, flexible stems that were used in wreath making.

Space plants at least 12 to 18 inches apart.
Hanging bars of fragrant deodorant soap from branches may work.
Space the holes 12 to 18 inches apart so that the area will fill in with periwinkles by the end of the growing season.