Samsung has revealed two new smartwatches, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, refining its original.
Smart IR Remote gives us the advanced TV remote features that Samsung's WatchOn is missing.Android Wear (at the time) looming on the horizon, I wasn't sure if developers would give the Gear platform much love.While the Gear 2 Neo isn't likely to be your best choice this holiday season, it does give me hope for Samsung's wearable platform.If nothing else, the platform is finally showing signs of life.Galaxy S5 were expecting to see revealed on Monday.Both Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo have 512MB of memory and 4GB of internal storage, along with Bluetooth.0 LE for hooking up to a phone or tablet, infrared for controlling a TV, an accelerometer, gyroscope, and new for this generation of Samsung smartwatch.The Samsung Gear 2 Neo is almost exactly the same watch as the Gear.Converter (above) lets you quickly make most common conversions (including distance, weight, cooking and much more) right on your wrist.If you're a fan of Samsung's watches, we're going to find out more about the company's forward-thinking Gear S in a few days.But in every other respect, I'd say the Gear's Tizen is doing at least as well, if not better.

It seems a safe bet that the list will include the new.If anything, it should be more durable and less prone to scratches.If it ends up retailing for 200-300, it might be worth a look when it launches this October.It has a standalone 3G connection (so it can work its mojo without a phone's help) and a spacious curved screen.For more detail on the watch, you can hit up our full Gear 2 review from back in April.Like the Gear 2 (and several other recent Samsung products the Neo is also water-resistant.
Moto 360 and, latch R in the next week.
Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, bulk is down from the Galaxy Gear, particularly in thickness samsung stampanti laser colore prezzi and weight.

It's a very solid (slightly rubbery-feeling) plastic, and I don't think it downgrades the premium aura of the watch.