The fictional professor points to some tantalizing clues, buried in the sand for almost 1,600 years, that help explain Mary's secret connection to the grail.
Phillips: I think most people will be surprised to hear that there is a gospel in which she is foremost among the Apostles.
As the event begins, Langdon and several hundred guests find themselves captivated by an utterly original presentation, which Langdon realizes will be far more controversial than he ever imagined.
His paintings, abundant drawings, and notes, (many of which are written backwards seem full of secrets and fantasies.Sarah, the novel proclaims, is the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.This, the book says, is the true secret of the Holy Grail: That Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene codice promozionale amazon informatica produced a child, a little girl, who grew up in the South of France.Leigh: When we first established contact with members of Priory, Plantard was their official spokesman.Worshipers there for Good Friday services heard a sermon condemning the book.My reaction was screams.There's no question that he was also connected with the figures who immediately proceed and immediately follow him on the list.Aspects of the organization are painted as secretive and ruthless, portrayals that Opus Dei members and many Catholics say is flat out wrong.If she weren't married to him, she wouldn't have dreamed of touching him.There is, of course, no birth certificate, or entry in some ancient ledger telling of Sarah's arrival or who her parents might have been.Pierre Plantard died in 2000. .And so, the book concludes, Da Vinci is trying to tell us that Mary Magdalene was the "holy vessel" who carried "the royal bloodline of Jesus Christ" by bearing his child.Next, Putnam says, Plantard planted the list of priory grand masters and those vince online coupon family trees linking him to French royalty in the French National Library.Art historian David Nolta says he could have saved them the trip.

Lincoln : The simple facts are there are no facts.You won't find the Priory of Sion mentioned in any conventional biography of Leonardo DaVinci, but the book says that for proof of his membership, all you have to do is look in the French National Library at a collection of papers called the Secret.You can fit a lot in there.You just have to know how to read the clues.But when last chapter is read, and readers pause to reflect, just what might they think?And in Milan, you'll find fans scouring that Leonardo Da Vinci masterpiece for clues.And while The Da Vinci Code is, once again, fiction, page one opens with these words - "fact: The Priory of Sion, a European secret society founded in 1099, is a real organization." And if that society is real, some readers reason, then the secret.That "V" symbolizing Marys womb or the chalice?The large word, fact.The Da Vinci Code claims the Last Supper practically shouts out that they were a pair.And I think they have been hurt by this.
Brown: I think these books are absolutely wonderful.
That scene, from the opening pages of The Da Vinci Code is, of course, fiction.