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1 Some consider the work of Leonardo's da vinci code hans zimmer mp3 workshop under his direction.
1480 ( Marani 2000 ) Madonna Litta Madonna Litta Tempera (and oil?) on poplar panel 42 33 cm St Petersburg, Hermitage Leonardo and another artist?Works are regularly attributed to Leonardo with varying degrees of credibility.431 Rubin Wright 1999,. .A b c d e Marani 2000,. .40 I (14971505; 139 folios Two pocket notebooks with notes on geometry, architecture, Latin, perspective and proportions for painters.
723 "Codex Urbinas and lost Libro A".
1530 An anthology of writings by Leonardo compiled after his death by his pupil Francesco Melzi.

1474 / 14756 ( Marani 2000 ) Benois Madonna Benois Madonna Oil on wood panel, transferred to canvas.5 33 cm St Petersburg, Hermitage Generally accepted Most critics believe that it coincides with a Madonna mentioned by Leonardo in 1478.External links edit Retrieved from " ".1473 ( Kemp 2011 ) no date in Marani 2000, but accepted by him The Dreyfus Madonna Oil on panel.7 12.8 cm,.13 5 in Washington,.C., National Gallery of Art Previously attributed to Verrocchio or Lorenzo di tagli primavera 2018 corti Credi.154,5 122 cm; Switzerland, Private Collection, formerly Paris, Chéramy Collection Generally attributed to Giampetrino.Retrieved 16 November 2017.13 Other experts have not agreed with this attribution.17 Medusa Oil on panel A juvenile work described by Vasari.Result of investigation not available.George Bull 1965, isbn.
"Renaissance Florence: The Art of the 1470s".