It's a watch that's also a phone.
Fotos, mehr, shopping, docs, books, blogger, kontakte.It's about the same story as Samsung's previous Gear watches.This is Samsung's sixth smartwatch in a little over a year, but it has one big difference: it gets its own cell service and data.Sarah Tew/cnet, the phablet of watch displays, the Gear S has a 2-inch 480x360-pixel amoled display, a bigger taglio del gres porcellanato screen and a larger pixel count than other Android Wear smartwatches and previous Samsung Gears.I successfully paired the.Listening to music stored on the watch consumes an additional 15 of battery per hour.Also, as with the first-gen Galaxy Gear, S Voice is built in: It lets you use voice commands for various watch functions, like making calls, doing searches, and.Battery Life As the case is with most gadgets, the battery life of the Samsung Gear Sport depends greatly on how it is used.It's such a cool experience that I wish more apps took advantage of the Gear S extra-large display.

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All the coolest pop-up notifications you'd expect, like Twitter, Facebook and other stuff you'd get on your phone, won't show.Sarah Tew/cnet, the Gear S has its own speakers and microphone.Most notably, while the Gear Sport could be a handy companion at the gym, in the pool, or during a morning jog, it isnt all that great at tracking actual sports.And the new watches are still compatible only with specific Samsung devices, but at least that list is growing.In fact, the gizmo is resistant down to 50 meters and can be worn during swimming exercises.But you won't have much to choose from, at least for now: The new Samsung smart watches run on the.Other specs: Weight (not including charging cap or cable.4 ounces.