John Prestage, London, 24 February 1763, lot 53,.
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The earliest indisputable provenance for the painting securely locates it in the collection of King Charles I of England and Queen Henrietta Maria.
Valentiner,., Leonardo da Vinci Loan Exhibition, Los Angeles, 1949,.The many changes, large and small, that Leonardo made in the process of the creation of Salvator Mundi. .Art, told the Guardian that while the price was eye-popping, it should come as no surprise in a market where speculation, marketing and branding have displaced connoisseurship as the metrics of value.The most insightful and broad-ranging examination of the painting was presented by Luke Syson in the 2011 catalogue of the Leonardo exhibition in London.Prior to the rediscovery of the present painting, only one version has in recent years been advanced as a candidate for Leonardos original, a painting formerly in the collection of Hubert, Marquis de Ganay, Paris.Private collection, United States.This came after more than six years of painstaking research and inquiry to document the paintings authenticity.Above the left eye (right as we look at pampers tagline it are the marks that Leonardo made with the heel of his hand to soften the flesh, as Martin Kemp has observed.What the sale says about the wider art market is open to question.It is a reflection of the massive, massive, massive disproportion of wealth that people are able to play these kind of games.There have been a few rumbling doubts about the authenticity of Salvator Mundi as a Leonardo, but many Renaissance scholars have lined up to say it is genuine.Private sale; Sothebys, New York.This is the same kind of quantum leap.Furthermore, the extraordinary quality of the picture, especially evident in its best-preserved areasnotably the blessing hand and the cascading curls of hairand its close adherence in style to Leonardos known paintings from circa 1500, solidified this consensus.
Robertson, Leonardo da Vinci, review of Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan, The Burlington Magazine, cliv,.

The former director of the Met, Tom Campbell, quipped on Instagram : Inch for inch, conservator Dianne Modestini must be among the most highly-valued living artists in the world!The Last Supper, while others believe it to be slightly later, painted in Florence (where the artist moved in 1500 contemporary with the.331, as if the attribution is correct the painting must be dated later than.The reasons for the unusually uniform scholarly consensus that the painting is an autograph work biblioteca iti leonardo da vinci firenze by Leonardo are several, including the previously mentioned relationship of the painting to the two autograph preparatory drawings in Windsor Castle; its correspondence to the composition of the Salvator Mundi.Leonardo da Vincis Salvator Mundi not only became the most expensive work of art in history, but more than doubled the previous auction record.By this time, Christs face and hair had been extensively repainted.Fiorio, eds., Milan, 2015,.There are no perceptible brushstrokes in the flesh tone, she continues, the paint looks as if it had been blown on, one element in the creation of a carefully studied effect, the sfumato, of which the painter frequently writes.Po mierci ony Ludwika XII.The format follows the precedent of the Christ Pantocrator (Ruler of All or Sustainer of the World) from Eastern Orthodox traditions, commonplace in religious imagery dating to Byzantine mosaics, although Leonardos Christ is portrayed as resolutely humanunusual at this timelacking as he does a crown.
The print after the painting, made by Hollarhimself a Royalist who had also escaped England in the 1640sand presented to the Queen a year after her husbands beheading, would therefore have held profound sentimental significance for her.
The study and examination of the painting by a panel of international scholars resulted in a broad consensus that.

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