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More than 40 years later Caterina went to stay with her son in Milan where she died, documents reveal.
Hes far too fascinating for me; he blows my mind.Rossella Lorenzi at, discovery News.Most information on Leonardos family comes from the records of his paternal grandfather, Antonio, who notes his birth.Leonardo, who who was born on, was probably brought up in Ser Piero's father's house in Vinci.Dr Kemp said he was 'a young man on the make' who took a few weeks off in July 1451 when he met Caterina, writes.HOW DID they find HER?The most exciting find, however, is that 35 people living around Florence and did leonardo da vinci win any awards surrounding villages, including Vinci, are genealogically related to the Leonardo, including a policeman, a pastry chef, an accountant and a retired blacksmith.While the historical detective work is convincing, not everyone thinks the evidence is bullet proof.(as you do he invented mad things like the Double Hull which passenger ships are still required by solas law to have, he cut open loads of human bodies and had a look around, he drew very accurate maps in a time when maps werent.Da Vinci probably wouldnt have either.After the artist died in 1519 near Amboise, France, his body was buried in a chapel that was later destroyed during the wars of the 16th century.But he cant, hes been dead nearly five hundred years.
A tax record mentions that the artists mother was Caterina, the wife of Achattabriga di Piero del Vaccha da Vinciwhich makes Leonardo illegitimatethough some researchers believe his mother was.

Looking through Milan funeral records, they found notes about a woman called Caterina from Florence 40 years later.If this has all been a bit disheartening for you and now you think getting over 400 points in the Leaving Cert isnt quite the achievement youve been making it out to be, then take solace from this; da Vinci was a bit.See if you can work out this months clue for the next Legend of the Month.Mona Lisa: The People and the Painting which Dr Kemp wrote with economist and art researcher Giuseppe Pallanti.Would I be wrong there?Leonardo, who who was born on, was probably brought up in Ser Piero's father's house, which Dr Kemp discovered by looking through archives, namely tax returns, which noted there was an illegitimate son living in the house.He was a polymath, which sounds negative, like a mass murderer that insists on using plastic cutlery.Anatomy, geology, cartography, botany, writing, freak?He was just so far ahead of his time.This was believes to be the time when Caterina was impregnated.Caterina was married off to a local farmer called Antonio di Piero Buti.

Unless he invented the time machine, which, lets be honest, if anyone was going to do it, it was our pal Leo.
Regardless of the archival material, there is a strong probability of the male line especially being broken over such a large number of generations, Kevin Schürer, pro-vice-chancellor for research at the University of Leicester tells Lorenzi.
Caterina 'was a peasant fallen on bad times, and you cannot be much lower in the social pile than that.