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It's still disappointing, given that Sony gets nearly two full days of use from the similarly sized battery in its flagship.
One of the key benefits of designing a larger device is that you naturally have a lot more room to fit components inside.Tax in NJ, NY only.Works on both GSM carriers (ATT, T-Mobile, etc.).I wouldn't want the 6 Plus to be the only camera that I own, but for most day-to-day shots you can certainly rely on the 6 Plus to capture your moments.The choice of aluminum is also perilous, as it can get mighty slick in certain conditions.The 6 Plus is much larger than the iPhone 5sit'll take quite the adjustment period.Where most other manufacturers of phones this large try to do too much, the iPhone 6 simply takes the typical smartphone experience and gives you more room to stretch your legs.Conclusion The iPhone 6 Plus is phabuloussorry, we had.The penalty of powering such a large screen?Both of these models are available in the 3 colors used by Apple for their devices.It's thin, extremely well-designed, and has a gorgeous (gigantic) screen that truly costo secondo tagliando opel corsa gpl brings iOS 8 to life.The 6 Plus shows that Apple might not yet be willing to think totally outside the box, but it's at least willing to make the box a whole lot bigger.Taking center stage, of course, is a bright.5-inch 1080p LCD, which can be a bit unwieldy at times.For users who spend most of their time on their phone checking the web, weather, messaging, taking photos, browsing social media, or any of a thousand other tasks that don't involve pressing a device to your face, the larger screen makes a massive difference.On the bottom of the front face is the famed home button, ringed with the same fingerprint scanner as the iPhone 5S and iPhone.
With phones increasingly becoming more about consuming content than, you know, making phone calls, bigger is often better.

It has worse battery life than the 6 Plus, but neither are fantastic.Third-party keyboard solutions have long outdone Apple's barebones default version, and it's the first thing you should change if you pick up any iOS 8 device.Has signs of wear which may include of scratches, dents, or cosmetic issues.You should decide by considering how much you would spend in a smartphone.Blues are a bit shifted, but otherwise this is a decent screen color performance.Sony's Xperia Z3 will also mop the floor with most other phones performance-wise, and it has one of the best batteries we've ever tested.Apple's App Store is still king when it comes to the latest and greatest apps, and the software is just as aesthetically pleasing as it was with last year's iOS.

If you've been perfectly happy with previous iPhones and are just looking to upgrade then we're more inclined to suggest the regular ol' iPhone 6 instead.