It is available in 128 MB, 256 MB, 512 MB and coupon buoni sconto spesa alimentare 1 GB versions, and has a small 3-line LCD screen.
It supports MP3 music, which was originally transferred using a parallel cable (later changed to USB.0).Significant storage for the price.The player provides a 3D audio experience and has been given the Microsoft PlaysForSure certification.Unlike the YP-S5, it volantino offerte panorama treviso only supports Samsung's own video format (.svi).The International (non-US YP-T9B) version was one of the first digital audio players to feature bluetooth.

A built-in Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 20 hours of playback time.YP-S3 edit Main article: Samsung YP-S3 The S3 is an MP3 player with a rounded-edges design similar to that of the YP-T9, but having a touchpad like the YP-T10.This function is great for indexing a point to go back to in a song.It is available in different colors the 1 GB variant was manufactured for Argos in the UK).The Samsung YP-R0 (99.99 list) offers 8GB of storage, solid file support, a decent display, and even above-average earphones.YH-J70 edit A bulky hard-drive based MP3 audio player which comes in 20G and 30G capacities.Unlike the Archos 3Cam vision, the Samsung R0 offers no recordingand this includes FM radio.YP-T6 edit The YP-T6 The YP-T6 is 225523mm, and weighs 30 g without battery.Its rated battery life is 25 hours of audio and 5 hours of video.The Samsung Digital Natural Sound engine (DNSe.0) offers exceptional CD sound quality by upscaling and restoring the compressed sound files.
From then Samsung only kept this brand for the Korean market while the players sold in the rest of the world were simply branded "Samsung".