A Customer may check the Customer's credit balance from time-to-time by calling the Customer Services Department.
1.11, products: The Lycamobile SIM Card and Lycamobile Top-Up Voucher (as defined below) and any other products offered by Lycamobile, including promotional products.
Even if a Customer do not Top Up, a Customer will de vinci st tropez bike review still be able to enjoy receiving calls and texts and enjoys his/her rights stipulated by applicable law,.g.If a Customer fails to promptly contact the Customer Services Department, a Customer will be liable for all Charges relating to the use of the SIM Card until a Customer does notify Lycamobile, regardless of whether the Charges were incurred by a Customer or someone.10.6 Termination of the Services is made by Lycamobile in case of termination of the Agreement.A Customer may register the Customer's details with Lycamobile, purchase a Top-Up Voucher online and activate the PIN Code by using the Online Top-Up service A Customer may register the Customer's details with Lycamobile and subscribe to "My Lycamobile" and the Auto Top-Up Facility.A Customer may register Customer's details with Lycamobile and then contact the Customer Services Department.To access your voicemail from your Lycamobile in the Germany.5.2 A Customer is entitled to opt the most appropriate Charge from the Charges published at the Website.9.2 A Customer enjoys the right to transfer his number to a network of the other operator.Recurring monthly bill Payment may be taken from the debit/credit card used to make a payment.11.10 Nothing in the Agreement shall come tagliarsi i capelli da sola corti exclude or limit the liability of either Party for death or personal injury caused by that Party's negligence, liability arising under the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".
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The Customer may also activate the code for a Top-Up Voucher purchased at a participating retail outlet by using the Online Top-Up Service.Each time a Customer use the Services (or someone else uses Customer's end user equipment) the credit balance in Customer's Account will be reduced in compliance with the Charge chosen by a Customer.The Terms shall be an vincere premi sky offer to enter into the Agreement (as defined below) addressed to unspecified potential Customers.5.12 If a Customer have reached the limit of Customer's Lycamobile Airtime Advance and have therefore used up all of Customer's monthly allowance and Lycamobile Airtime Advance, then a Customer can still enjoy further Services by Top.Parties: Lycamobile and a relevant Customer with whom the Agreement was made.5.3 The Services are prepaid services.Sending an email to, sending a query through the website.6, lycamobile: Lycamobile Ukraine, Limited Liability Company (registered number 41317168).If Lycamobile terminates the Agreement for this reason, Customer's SIM Card will be deactivated.Top-Up Services: The services a Customer may use to add credit to the balance of the Customer's Account, including the Top-Up Voucher, Online Top-Up and Auto Top-Up.10.7 Termination of the Agreement may be initiated by Lycamobile or a Customer pursuant to applicable Ukrainian law.8.2 Without prejudice to other provisions of the Terms, Lycamobile as provider of the Services shall accrue the obligations envisaged by Article 39 of the Telecommunication Law, Paragraphs 39, 49, 50 and 51 of the Telecommunication Rules and, if applicable, Subparagraph.6.2.
12.7 The Agreement is governed by Ukrainian law and the Ukrainian courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute under the Agreement.8 Lycamobile is entitled to assign all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement to a third party without consent.
In such case, at the Customer's request, Lycamobile will provide details of the respective provisions.