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4 Ezio freerunning over the Tiber Ezio had been a very skilled freerunner from a young age.
2 In 1509, Ezio happened upon some of his uncle Mario's documents, finding a letter written by his father Giovanni a year before Ezio was born, which mentioned a sealed library beneath the old Assassin fortress of Masyaf; the home of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, who had.
Src Ezio leaving Constantinople with Piri Reis After obtaining the four Keys still within Constantinople, Ezio traveled to Cappadocia, the location given to him by Tarik, to confront Manuel Palaiologos.
A Sackboy version of Ezio's outfit from Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Revelations can be purchased for LittleBigPlanet via the PlayStation Store.18 Death "I am home." Ezio to Sofia in Florence.The two manage to defeat them, and Salaì remarked that only one individual could fight with such skill, correctly guessing Ezio's name.Ezio agreed, and after two odd encounters with the people he'd delivered the letters to, Ezio retrieved the note from the pigeon coop only to witness guards running across Florence.Leonardo piped up with a suggestion, asking them to gather sulphur, charcoal and potassium nitrate, as well as thin sheets of malleable steel.On the walk home, Leonardo struck up a conversation, beginning a friendship between the two young men that would last throughout their later lives.He then asked Ezio for his assistance in an errand later in the day." Niccolò : " Go kill them, Mentore.15 Equipment and skills "Despite its age, sconti gamestop 2018 its construction is rather advanced." Leonardo da Vinci, commenting on Ezio's Hidden Blade.Despite his subsequent decision to no longer pursue Caterina's affections, the two remained close allies for the sake of the Brotherhood.
He acquired the hookblade from his fellow Master Assassin and close friend, Yusuf Tazim, and quickly mastered its utility in freerunning and combat.

1 Ezio naming himself as Uberto Alberti's killer Initially, Ezio allowed his emotions to get the best of him, going so far as to disrespect the corpse of Vieri de' Pazzi just after his death.As a result, the company rejected any forthcoming production using Ezio as the main character, claiming it to be a risky investment.Ezio in turn appointed Niccolò as his trusted adviser, who then recommended he finish what he started.He returned to his hometown of Florence in 1494, and bumped into a monk who was running from Borgia guards, saying they were asking about "apples".14 Locating a secret passageway beneath the trading post, fiabilandia sconto soci coop Ezio flirtingly suggested they both investigate, but was politely rebuked.Also unlike other characters, Ezio has only one set of weapons, and they are exclusive to him.12 Ezio and Leonardo in the Vault Entering the vault, Ezio recognized the architecture as matching that of the Vatican and Colosseum Vaults.Using the two objects, they discovered the location of the Vault to be in Rome - specifically, beneath the Vatican.The only exception to this was the cape bearing the Auditore family crest, which made him easily recognizable, due to his family's history.However, he refused to take Rodrigo's life, having realized the futility of revenge.His descendants continued to take a leading role in the running of the Order for almost five-hundred years after his death.
1 Two years later, when Ezio returned to Florence, Cristina was engaged to Manfredo Soderini, though she admitted to still loving Ezio.
12 In each room of the temple, Ezio and Leonardo found themselves confronted by a complex puzzle.