Note too that most museums are closed on Mondays.
Buses to Bergamo are run by zani and take 10 minutes, at a cost of around.50.
Internet points in the main square overlooking the station.
The best area in town for laperitivo is in the Brera district.This 4* hotel offers 282 rooms, a restaurant, parking, WiFi and a bar.MM1-MM3 Duomo metro station.On foot edit Walking is definitely a possibility, and although Milan is a large city, many of the main tourist attractions are within an easy and pleasant walk from one another.Via Orefici and then to, piazza Duomo.Very important it the spectacular dome.Great place for a photograph and right next to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.21 (Metro: Duomo.
It is a very popular spot for after-work drinks, or perhaps a pre-club drink if you're going dancing somewhere like the Gattopardo.

On an average, it should not take more than 5-6 minutes to climb the stairs.This small hidden shopping outlet called Basement cannot be seen from the street above.Pizzeria Da Giuliano, Via Paolo Sarpi 60 (In westmost part of the street.Noonish, lunchtime in Milan is about 12:30.The gardens are in an excellent position since they're quie near to the Duomo and Brera district, and extremely close to the Montenapoleone street and the glamorous shopping area around.If you spend time, though, strolling through areas such as the pretty Navigli, the chic Brera district, the lively University quarter, or some of the smaller churches and buildings, you'll find a forward thinking, diverse city filled in every corner with history, and with.Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense 67 A library established in 1770 by the Austrian governor.Università Cattolica is on Gemelli Street, right behind Saint Ambrose Basilica.Lunch noon-2:30PM, dinner 6:30PM-9:30PM.Good place to do some shopping of all kinds taglie mountain bike trek in a very central location and then stop for a drink, snack or meal at the cafe or restaurant.Naviglio Pavese Porta Ticinese and the surrounding area is a very old-fashioned quarter nearly untouched by wwii bombings.
Il Brellin, Vicolo dei Lavandai, Navigli, Milan, tel 02/89402700.